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at 8-- several dozen vehicles were vandalized over the weekend in concord. in multiple locations. residents are now trying to figure out why. stanley roberts looks at what happend and what some residents and saying in this edition of people behaving badly >> i wish they had the guts to do it while everyone was standing in front of them the cowardley away of doing this was just dispicble >> andre is the owner of more then 60 vehicles that were vandalized in concord, their tires were puncuted right there, see the air bubble, and right there. it appears that the person may have used an ice pick on each tire all were puncutered two times and in most cases >> they hit all four of my tires and i have no idea why >> this the undercarrage of a hundai that is sitting on 4 jacks again all four tires ruined and this is just this condo complex because a few blocks away even more cars with flat tires this man had11 tires destroyed so far he has spent >> arould 12 13 hundred >> and he is still not done. >> this one had all four my personal vehicle has two the guy next to me had all four on o
vandalized in concord, their tires were puncuted right there, see the air bubble, and right there. >> it appears that the person may have used an ice pick on each tire all were puncutered two times and in most cases >> they hit all four of my tires and i have no idea why >> this the undercarrage of a hundai that is sitting on 4 jacks again all four tires ruined and this is just this >> because a few blocks away even more cars with flat tires this man had11 tires destroyed so far he has spent >> arould 12 13 hundred >> and he is still not done. >> this one had all four my personal vehicle has two the on one and two on another while some people are busy calling around shopping for new tires so have a >> i just want to catch them forget prosecuting everybody get their own little licks on them >> yes there are a lot of to get their hands on what some people are calling seriel slasher sot: just what happened here happened a second time we hqad something like that two years ago or three years ago the same thing somebody came and slashed all the tires >> and no one has a clue who >> i wi
, kron 4 news. a concord deli re- opened for business this morning following a noro-virus outbreak. that sickened 45 people. new tonight at eight. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us what the restaurant owner thinks happened. for the past few weeks, they can transmit the virus. they say that they passed the last health inspection with no problem. drivers along san francisco's central freeway, and parts of interstate 80, have been left confused by missing lane divider lines. the markers were removed by cal-trans crews working on the roadways. new tonight at eight. kron 4's charles clifford explains why. and when they may return. this is video i shot while merging onto southbound interstate 80 from 7th street in san francisco thursday afternoon. notice anything missing? the lane lines are gone. there's no white lines or reflective markers seperating the lanes or marking the shoulders. there is a vague outline of where those things used to be, but it's hard to see. what happened to the lines? well, earlier this month caltrans started resurface the roadway along this portion of interstate
indication if they died at the hand of one concord several guns. dan kerman, kron 4. tonight at eight.more on our victims. but first. kron-4's dan new tonight at 8. we are getting our first images of the youngest victim who was killed in sonoma county. continues our team coverage. and has more with friends who are left in shock. butler did not deserve what he got. >> you would never think that something would result in something like this as tragic as something as mundane as marijuana. last >> reporter: the memories, he loved going to burning ban every year with his girlfriend. >> he was loving, and love going to the festival 'burning man'.. with his girlfriend. >> reporter: of these people spoke about nothing out of the ordinary in the recent days or weeks. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: ahead at eight. police continue to search for answers in the murder of a teenager. whose body was found in a fairfield park. why the boy scouts of decision on whether to lift its ban on gay members. but first, the new push from san francisco mayor ed lee. to get thousands of property owners to ret
. the suspects men in their 20's. dead on arrival. is back behind bars tonight. police in concord are looking for the driver who used a stolen truck to break into a t-mobile cell-phone sotre. the crash happened just before 6 this morning at the clayton valley shopping center. police say the thief grabbed several phones. then took off. leaving the truck behind. investigators are looking to see if this incident is releated to a similar smash and grab at a game stop in the same shopping center >> pam: health officials say the worst of the flu season appears to be over. the number of states reporting intense flu symptoms dropped again last week. the flu activity has been dropping for at least four weeks. and deaths from the flu have dropped in the last two weeks. health officals say this flu season started about a month earlier than normal. and it's been nine years since a flu season started like this one, and it proved to be one of the deadliest. >> if it seems like everyone you know is on facebook, you're mostly right. more than two-thirds of americans are users of the social network. but as al
. and look for the mid 60s in concord, napa. the next chance for rain fall, coming upin san jose. a fire from an. >> electrical panel leaves two men in serious condition tonight. the two men working on this electrical panel in an unoccupied building undergoing restoration when they were severely burned. when san jose firefighters arrived at the building on daggett drive they found two men with burns on as much as thirty percent of their bodies. >> there was some sort of flash fire that set both men on fire. they exited that area and were able to stop, drop and roll and put out the fire, they sustained a lot of burns over their body. >> the two men face weeks of hospitalization to treat those burns. pg&e has stoppped electrical service to the building. >> tonight. four people are under arrest in fairfield, accused of making and selling crystal meth out of a home. police say drug pipes, scales, an illegally sawed off double barrel shotgun along with crystal meth were found inside the home on the 1800 block of utah street. forty year old francisco guillen, erin johnson, tina jewett and james je
this concord living room into a war room.with maps.and notes on the latest they try and track the missing pair's movements. it was thru facebook that they realized the couple had gone off the grid.after they stopped posting photos about their trip as they biked across south america. and garrett's online bank account record.shows he stopped taking out money at the same time. his mother says technology has helped pin down where they were last scene. >> the social and networking has been a dream it has been actually showing their ipod and a bus station that was the last location. that is absolutely huge to us. to begin this search for them. we have them located in a bus station. >> reporter: now the family has created a facebook page to reach out to people in peru and other travellers.and created an email account where people can send in their tips.all in hopes that somewhere.either on the ground in south america or in cyberspace can help bring garrett and jamie home safe. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> new details tonight surrounding the arrest of bay area rapper m-c hammer. polic
also upper 50s in concord, livermore. they little bit cooler for the east bayshore. and 50s in hayward. all the 50s tomorrow. 50s in ocean beach. 52 in daly city with a range for the north bay. they look at your extended forecast with more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures thursday is one that rainfall will return. light showers. it could linger from a morning. we are expecting improving conditions with more sunshine. . >> gary: coming up the quick review of the 49ers defeat it was not the referees' fault baltimore was better and also the great pop dorfman.. who scored cannot with advertising who did not.... warned who did with advertising. bob-- dorfman.... a blackout, beyonce, >> controversial calls, and funny ads. there was a lot to talk about on social media today about the super bowl. slate shows us what moments got the most buzz. gabe slate tech report the most buzz is only 3 markets in texas, with a passionate make out system for old milwaukee. and based on people this taco bell with elderly friends, and search engines, if you average it ,,, these are the top 3 and the dor
but we will get to 60s and palo alto. upper 50s for the east bay. and 56 in union city, concord antioch. a bit cooler along the coast. 55 in san francisco, san rafael. 60s through napa. the satellite and radar showing the cloud coverage that we saw earlier. clear skies but this system will drop down to the north for thursday. midnight, mostly clear conditions and showers in front of that band. and also along the coast that is light rainfall. here comes that main band of rainfall. through the north bay and by noon hayward, could see moderate rainfall. down to the south bay. we could see lingering showers would this as we go towards friday. here is a look it your extended forecast. shell reconditions not a lot of rainfall but just one- quarter of 1 in. or less in most locations. things are going to dry out and war right back up. gabe slate tech report instead gramm makes its big move to the web. coming up instagram..... >> gary: coming up :kaepernick and crabtree and jim harbaugh say goodbye. :kaepernick and crabtree and jim harbaugh say goodbye. comi well, well, well. growing up
and the north bay with low 60s expected in san jose, mountain view, concord. sunshine. we are not scoring to see that fog. we will wake up to clear skies we are not going to see that fog. 60s in the east bay. concord, fairfield, san francisco, and mid-60s for areas in the north bay. 65 degrees with 63 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay and going through this week and for this coming weekend sunshine. not much changes. just how warm it is going to get? '60s and '70s but no rainfall. >> with valentine's day there are some around the corner there are some digital do's and don't's to keep in mind. karin caifa has some tips for any stage of a relationship in this week's clicked in. thanks to social media the details of budding relationships can quickly be amplified through an entire list of connections, and that can really squash a spark. online etiquette expert julie spira says with courtship getting digital, it's created a new list of do's and don't's. like on a first date, do put that smartphone down. >> it sends a bad message to your date, that maybe there's someone more important than the
an interest in running for president. >> jacqueline: 60s through concord, san jose and as we look at the overnight conditions. chilly. tomorrow, very similar to today. as we look for thursday, friday with warmer conditions in the upper 60s. the fog is forming in the north bay but the bayshore patchy fog to the delta and the in the valleys. it is already the lifting and a sunny skies bay-area wide. temperatures are going to be chilly. 30's through napa, concord. a tad warmer in the south bay. 45 and half moon bay. for the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s. 60s through cupertino. and san jose. low 60s in the east bay. 60s in livermore. close to the coast, dealing with 50s along the immediate coast. we are going to continue to keep this dry warm pattern building offshore. that his continued to move towards washington state we are not going to expect any rainfall, here. warmer conditions later and upper 60s expected to. a slight cool down for the weekend but still, pretty mild. this next chance will be tuesday. we will keep you updated. hello? the words are going this way-there's no
. mountain view, san jose and 60s for the east bay. the upper 60s in san leandro. 60s in concord, livermore, a bit cooler along the coast. temperatures in the 50s, 60s along the immediate coast. 64 degrees. with 70's in santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast with a warming trend. it will start to cool down but sunday, monday will be more dramatic. that storm approaches on tuesday. light wind. certainly, we could use that rain. >> coming up, with the c h p in hayward lane splitting. >> gary: coming up the 49ers got some bad luck and also, will ferrell and lovemaking? [laughter], later. Ñáçwçñ i'm lom i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that catompanypa, the united ss postalst service®, works rkfor thr ousands of home ombusinesses. becauscae at®, you cau n pay,pa print and haver packagesag picked up for free. i cai n even drop off free box. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on. the thu.s. postal service®, no businusess too small. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.the motorcyc
in concord, livermore. 30's and '40's for the bayshore. and near the coast. the areas of patchy frost. for the afternoon temperatures will warm a few more degrees. 50s and 60s in the south bay. 60s in campbell. 50s in san jose. n 59 in santander, castro valley, walnut creek. 62 to concord. and 55 in ocean beach. 63 degrees in napa. we did see some new snowfall over the last 24 hours but it has tapered off this system will largely remain dry. the chance for snowfall on saturday. again we could see some rainfall in the north bay. light, if any. temperatures next week will be rebounding. and let us check out your report. snowfall totals. with one half feet at tahoe. >> gary: good evening, everybody. this is one of those things that as a was walking up here. i was handed something from the los angeles times they are reporting that major league baseball has provided the oakland a's with tentative guidelines for a potential move to san jose. all that means is that they are getting closer to the san francisco giants still, holding the territory rights. until
in cupertino. 60s also for the inland valleys and even 70's. '70s to concord, fairfield. we will see some 70's for the north bay, santa rosa, 73 in napa. a cooler day along the coast for this he breezes will continue for tomorrow. with a look at your extended forecast. more low 70's. those sea breezes are going to return. more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. right now, the computer models are showing very light rainfall for sunday. we will keep you posted as we meet our way towards the workweek. >> gary: the warriors or involved in a brawl tonight. and usa basketball has looking for a new coach. city police officers are dead. along with one suspect. where tonight the neighborhood remains on lockdown. citywide manhunt. developing story. as the fast branciforte ave... ♪ roundup ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway,
concord. it will start to die down later on into the evening and into the overnight hours we'll see drier conditions and clearer skies. so what we are going to be seeing out there tomorrow, the time frame of the storm moves into tonight, and it's going to last mainly through the morning but we'll also see lingering showers through the afternoon and evening. rainfall totals will largely be under half an inch for both locations, a little more in the santa cruise mountains but under an inch there and still levels aring going to be dropping down to as low as 2000 feet locally. as for temperatures, it is going to be quite chilly out there tomorrow afternoon as i mentioned. the main band of rain pushes through at about 10:00 in the morning and it will be moving to the east. so that is going to leave very cold air in its wake. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. and as for the sear i can't, we're going to see snow out there. up to eight inches of fresh powder. wednesday will largely be dry, but then we have a chance of more snow moving into thursday morning. so a look at your extended for
, concord, fremont, san jose and upper 50s in santa rosa. and as for the sierras, that ongoing snowfall with additional snowfall at the core of this storm. with another couple of inches tomorrow. drier conditions and a slightly warmer temperatures. the rainfall tomorrow and drier conditions for next week. we will be dealing with some cold mornings. saturday, sunday and it is leaving cold air. we will take a look at your local reports expect one half of feet of snowfall at most resorts. with an additional couple of inches in other areas. check it out >>catherinede >>catherine >>jacqueline >> let us take a look at sports with giglitle tid bits from the super bowl are leaking out. the final play of the super bowl was the free kick in which ted ginn was tackled to end the game but what if he broke it? mvp joe flacco had a contingency plan in place, as captured by nfl films the ruling is that if there is a clear cut it could be ruled a touchdown. and maybe he knew that he was just playing around. andjys in from the tatoee polar. colin kaepernick new tattoo
, concord. 53 and richmond 57 degrees. cool and clear conditions tomorrow, another gorgeous day. temperatures in the south bay with sunshine and a saturday a little bit cooler. on sunday, a bit cooler with some wet weather details on that when i come back. a very sweet treat for one family in virginia. >> pam: their winning ticket make them new multi- millionaires. that's next. >> pam: now for today's market update. stocks waver amid a slowdown in europe's economy. and an encouraging report on the jobs market here on the u-s. the dow fell nine points to close at 13-thousand-973. the nasdaq rose a point to three-thousand-198. and the s and p 500 rose one point to one-thousand- 521. >> pam: a confirmation vote for chuck hagel as defense secretary has been delayed. and president obama is not happy about it. hagel is a former republican senator and a decorated vietnam veteran. a vote to end a g-o-p filibuster fell two votes short. republicans are holding up the confirmation, demanding information on how the obama administration handled the attack on the u-s diplomatic mission in lib
of sunshine. for saturday, and temperatures warming up for the afternoon. '60s and '70s. concord, oakland, san jose all overcast. cooler for san francisco. still, above-average. it begins to get cooler with more about that, later on. >> pam: a developing story. thousands of weary passengers on board the broken- down carnival cruise ship "triumph". are headed home tonight. and that ship is now headed for repairs. passengers are trying to move on from the nightmare cruise. they captured pictures of the mess. camping on the decks. sleeping on the floor. toilets that didn't flush. and trash piling up. in a story you'll only see on kron4 news. two bay area friends are back at home tonight. after being stuck on the carnival triumph for 8 days. kron 4's j.r. stone talked with them just minutes after they arrived back at san francisco international airport. . it smelled like a pro -- porta potty at a ball game it was horrible. he went on his crews with a friend we didn't want to get sick.. everybody was fighting over the food. >> you see a lot of things that you do not want to see. it was great to be
city, concord. 30's in vallejo, 30's in pleasanton. plenty of 30's tomorrow morning. conditions will improve in a number of locations. temperatures are in the 50s. a look at your extended forecast with a frigid start. not that bad in the morning. the same on friday but things will change on saturday. the chance of showers returning. >> attention giants fans. the makers of anchor steam beer. are announcing plans to expand their operation. opening a second san francisco location right next to the ballpark. mission rock development. kron 4's maureen kelly shows us the proposed changes for that neighborhood. >> reporter:the plan is for this now empty warehouse on pier 48 to be transformed into anchor steam's new brewery, distribution center and restaurant with tables outside and inthe old roll up metal doors being replaced with windows to allow people to see inand watch the beer being made. this part of the project is expected to be complete in 2016.and there's more in the works. the mission rock develop,ent will be neighbors to att park.turning the pier from being mostly a massive
. low 60s along the east bay shore. 62 in union city. 63 for concord and antioch. also warmer near the coastline. in the upper 50s in ocean beach. 58 in san francisco. and namely in the 60s for north bay. a look outside on satellite and radar picture. there's that cloud cover i just mentioned, now covering the north bay. we have this weak system that is moving to the north of us and starting to go to south as well. cloud cover is coming in and they aren't going to get much rain. let's check it out on future cast. it does show us having clear skies into tomorrow morning. i don't see how that's going to be possible. it also keeps the rain well to the north in the 5:00 hour. that i do buy. into the 8:00 hour, you see one cell coming down by the north bay. we could get light rain up in napa county and into the delta. the 10:00 hour, though, dryer conditions. you can see a few snow flurries coming and going through early saturday morning. we are not expecting large accumulations with that, though. a look at your extended forecast again. kind of up and down this weekend. for next week as
. timing it out with sunny skies. mid-60s on tap for concord, pittsburgh. livermore. and as well as locations near the bay. oakland, 60s for tomorrow and even san francisco. 50s. the ocean. petaluma, napa, and your kron 4 7 day around the bay you do not have to worry about getting out to the umbrella. dry, sunny, high clouds and temperatures will be warming up. '70s. >> coming up after the break. the giants and a's continue to trek through spring training. we'll tell you how they did. plus. the warriors have won two in previous six. but can they keep their winning streak alive today against the timberwolves? all that and more coming up next. >> some people are born to be actors.while other take a less-conventional path to hollywood. for example, steven spielberg's film "lincoln" uses extras that are actual iraq and afghanistan amputees. two years after losing his legs in ied explosion in afghanistan. marine corps staff sergeant joey jones was one of three veterans cast in the acclaimed movie. jones appears in one six- second scene. he played a wounded warrior in the crucial scene
for the most part. 57 in concord, antioch. that is what we can expect overnight. warmer temperatures for the workweek widespread fifties along the immediate coast. for the evening, if you have plans. temperatures in the 50s. '60s and '70s in palo alto. for the east bay, some low 70's. walnut creek, antioch but temperatures in the 60s. closer to the 60s, some sea breezes. temperatures in the '50s with a mixture of 50s and 60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. for the weekend cooler temperatures will return. sea breezes and we are not sure if we are going to see much wind. morning or at night. in national news tonight-- shock and sorrow in santa new tonight at eight the family of an oakland couple who had been reported missing. is now speaking out. this, after the two travelers were both found safe in peru yesterday with the family's emotional reaction to the good news. released. in national news-- >> gary: of alex smith now, traded officially. >> gary: of you can't move, the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-vers
tomorrow, not bad with the low 60s. almaden valley nearly 60 degrees inland. concord, fairfield, 59 in union city and alameda. snap-on will be one of the warmer spots with 64 degrees. -- snap-on-and your kron 4 7 day around the bay this is going to be a normal stormy time of year. napa will be warmer. the word, looking pretty much the same with the sunshine. with a warming trend nearly 70 degrees by thursday >> the manhunt continues for a former cop. who is accused of targeting other los angeles officers. in his manifesto. the suspect, you see here declares war on what he calls a quote -- "corrupt" police department. c-n-n's anderson cooper examines the past of christopher dorner and his termination from the l-a-p- d. (gushots) >> reporter: the subject of christopher dorner's rage goes back to an incident in july of 2007. dorner was out on patrol with a female officer, a veteran of the force, when they were dispatched to check out a report of a mentally unstable man named christopher gettler. gettler was refusing to leave the grounds of a hotel, and after a struggle, dorner and his
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23